Omega Pediatrics is a leading pediatric primary care practice in Roswell-Alpharetta Georgia. We provide the most accessible care with hours of service up to 9 pm on weekdays as well as telemedicine access for the convenience of busy families. We have pediatricians that accept NovaNet Health Plans. Below is a synopsis of NovaNet Health Plans.


NovaNet is a single source national preferred provider organization (PPO) that delivers network health care coverage with a distinct perspective. The company was founded in 1994 to be part of the rapid evolution in the health care industry moving from traditional fee-for-service to a managed care environment. NovaNet and its network of providers are a single source for local, regional, and national PPO access in Health, Workers Compensation, and Dental.
NovaNet, in its unrelenting efforts to provide both individual and group health care benefits, has developed a number of solutions that solve today’s issues and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. Although NovaNet is not an insurance company, it entrepreneurial flexibility enables the company to provide a network of coverage with different perspectives. Thus, the company continues to overcome market challenges with innovative possibilities and solutions through a symbiotic relationship with other partners in the industry.
The NovaNet initiative is committed to the development, management, and growth of networks comprise of high-quality, cost-effective providers. In Georgia, the network keeps expanding in an effort to deliver affordable and efficient health care services to the citizens.

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The Georgia Network.

5,100+ Primary Care Physician Locations
16,000+ Specialty Physician Locations
180 Hospitals
1,700+ Ancillary Provider Locations
With this network, NovaNet continues to provide effective health care solutions to millions of people in Georgia. When looking for a provider, you can do it by searching for physicians, hospitals, and ancillary services available with NovaNet. However, while searching, ensure you search the network that is listed on the member’s ID card.

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NovaNet offers the following plans among others:

Group Health
Workers’ Compensation
Dental Plan
Group Health Plan
NovaNet offers a variety of group health plans for both start-ups and established businesses in Georgia. The group health plans enable workers and their families to have access to specialist physicians and top-quality health facilities. These plans enable employees to select any option that gives them an optimal mix of competitive rates and the widest possible coverage.
Workers’ Compensation Plan
NovaNet’s workers’ compensation plan provides direct access to contracted network in Georgia, as well as its affiliate networks in strategic areas of the country. The company provides superior coverage and discounts with a single contract and reasonable rates. NovaNet provides workers’ compensation plan that offers cost and care management solutions for employers, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators in many ways including the following.
Offering over 22 years of industry knowledge and expertise.
Provides clinical and network solutions that focus on total claims cost
Promotes technology-driven solutions that enhance network development, clinical integration, and operational efficiencies.

Omega Pediatrics remains the only clinic in Georgia that is open routinely for primary care up to 9 pm on all weekdays.

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Dental plans

NovaNet provides quality dental services to its clients and their family members. The company health insurance system includes a variety of dental benefit plans for Georgian residents. They collaborate with local dental provider networks to provide quality dental care at significant savings for the member workers. The plans are targeted at guaranteeing an overall sound dental health for participating clients and their family members. Of course, your dental health is linked to many medical conditions. Hence, attention must be given to your oral health in order to improve your overall health conditions.

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Overall value

No doubt, NovaNet’s delivery system provides clients with the opportunity to work with a single source for PPO plan coverage, making it one of the leading non-insurance entities providing innovative health insurance plans and solutions. For eligibility or any benefits inquiries, you should contact your insurance company, your human resources department, or your health plan administrator directly.

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Omega Pediatrics Difference: At Omega Pediatrics in Roswell we understand the challenges that parents face when their children develop symptoms late in the day or after hours. Many pediatric offices rarely see patients after 4 pm however we are open every weekday up to 9 pm for both appointments and walk-ins. We also have telemedicine via evisits for our known patients. Our clinic is one of the easily accessible pediatric primary care clinics in Roswell and Alpharetta. We provide pediatric primary care to families in the North Fulton area and beyond, serving families that live in Milton, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Duluth, Cumming, Woodstock-Canton and beyond.

Immunizations and checkups after-hours: One advantage of switching to Omega Pediatrics for your child’s primary care is that you can bring your child in for immunization or annual checkup after regular business hours. We provide this service because we have a passion for what we do and we want to be a comfortable and convenient service, not the ordinary pediatric doctor’s office.


1305 Hembree Road, Suite 203
Roswell, GA 30076

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