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Welcome to Omega Pediatrics


Our Pediatric offices are dynamic and culturally sensitive clinics that strive to fill the space that the fast pace of today’s technology driven society has created. Our central theme is family-focused pediatrics. This is a concept that endeavors to make accommodations for families to be able to get the most optimal care with the least stress. We continually focus on process improvement and introduce enhancement of the clinical experience with the leveraging of available technologies.

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Healthcare is rapidly changing in America today. Many families in the cities as well as in the more rural areas have an unprecedented level of access to the best technologies the world has ever seen. The advances in technology have impacted healthcare delivery as much as it has affected the news cycle, communication, television, entertainment, and education.

Roswell Georgia has more than fifty pediatricians active in primary care. These pediatricians see children and young infants. Their needs are for great health for their children.

You, the parent reading this wants the best medicines, vaccines and healthcare staff to take care of your child. You desire a clinic where your voice is not just heard, but your input is actively solicited. You want a clinic where you are treated as a caring parent, not an erring customer. You want a clinic where the staff is happy to see you, genuinely happy to help and sincere in the care they provide. You want a pediatrician’s office in Roswell Georgia, Alpharetta Georgia or somewhere in the North Fulton area that is accessible and not too busy that access becomes an after-thought.

Omega Pediatrics has implemented a care model that is unique since we pooled the pain points of parents across various ethnicities and backgrounds to develop a dynamic practice. Our clinic listens and solicits our parents’ input in the care of their child. We started listening before we opened our doors and we continue to tune our ears to the ever-so-important din of needs in the healthcare space.

Our Office Hours:

For a normal pediatrician’s practice, office hours would be anytime from 8.30 am to about 5 pm. That is typical. We are not. We know that children develop symptoms in the afternoon. We know that children play sports and could get injured during such active play. We know that children forget to inform their parents about a form that needs to be handed in or a shot that needs to be taken until it is almost too late, a day too late. That is the reason why we decided to put the family first. Being here at 8 pm or 8.30 pm ensures that mom does not have to take time off from work to bring their daughter in for a shot or to have that form filled out. We help mom save her vacations for real vacations. We help Amy have her forms in school in good time for the field trip or experiment. We help keep mom away from the crazy traffic while still providing a medical home for the family. We do this because we care.

Our Technology:

Non-surgical medical practice usually is not bursting with technology. As a pediatric practice in a city like Roswell or Alpharetta, we know all too well how technologically engaged North Fulton Area is and how these cities are the leading trailblazers in the State of Georgia. Unfortunately, tech-savvy parents have not seen much of that technology filter into their daily lives especially in the healthcare arena. Many clinics still use paper charts due to various constraints. Electronic health records have become a very expensive addition to practices and the most efficient ones have a price point that is beyond what a thriving practice can afford. Fortunately for us at Omega Pediatrics, we have a team of providers and staff that are almost digital natives. The team is very versed in modern technologies and we have incorporated it into all aspects of the patient experience at Omega Pediatrics. The City of Roswell does not have Giga Fiber yet and we are keenly waiting to do much more with that technology. In the meantime, we have implemented one of the most secure encrypted websites in the pediatric primary care space. This ensures that our visitors are not snooped on when they come to our website. We also have online appointment scheduling which saves time and energy for the families. You do not need to make a phone call to book an appointment. We have been working with a number of industry professionals and do provide the first of its kind Urban Telemedicine access for pediatrics. Parents can call in via a webcam through an encrypted website for a follow-up visit via Evisit. All they need is a web-enabled device with audio and a camera.


This is a first-of-its-kind technology that uses an HIPPA-compliant platform to provide a seamless link between the patient and the primary care team. That is how it is supposed to be if we want to provide a real medical home for our families. Waiting 3 days for an appointment or rushing to the urgent care center down the road because dad was anxious about a now skin rash or a minor side effect of a child’s medication is not what any parent looks forward to. JamboDoc ensures that parents are able to communicate with their family’s physician via text or chat on this platform. This ensures continuity of care and a vibrant doctor-patient relationship. We are the first clinic to start using JamboDoc in the State of Georgia. Our families get this tool and use it to save time and save themselves from unnecessary worry. The families enjoy what can be considered concierge medicine from your family’s own doctor not complete strangers via a randomly downloaded app.

Website Chat:

Omega Pediatrics believes in accessibility and love for our families. We have provided an instant web chat tool on our most frequented web pages. With this tool, families are able to chat with their pediatric office while in Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Duluth or Cumming. They could actually chat with us from anywhere in the world where they have high-speed internet. We figured that technology companies use website chat all the time and we like it. Why not healthcare so we did it and families love it.

There is a myriad of other reasons to visit Omega Pediatrics here in Roswell Georgia even though there are many other pediatricians in North Fulton. As you browse through this website, I would like you to take some time to look at our blog on the website as well as the Promise Blog on Medium. We regularly put out a lot of educational materials related to health in a way that communicates the essence of how we feel about our families and what we desire to help our families experience.

You are welcome to Omega Pediatrics and we hope you can make us your Pediatric Office if you live in the Roswell, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Duluth or Cumming areas. As we continue to serve local families, we hope to reach beyond these cities to help more families experience the Omega Promise.


Our Blogs:

Omega Pediatrics believes that when  families know more, they can do more to help the health of their children as well as themselves. That is why we have taken the pains to provide relevant healthcare information for.our families

Topics include strep throat infections, immunizations, influenza and behavior in children. We also talk about lactation and breastfeeding, professional pediatric careers and other new topics involving medicine as a whole, or specifically pediatrics.

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Our Services Include:

african male pediatric doctor playing with baby boy, and colleagues on background

green communicaationAfter-Hours Pediatric Clinic (Urgent Care Hours)

After-Hours pediatric primary care services cover the entire spectrum of healthcare. It provides a comprehensive plan for our families. With such an option it only makes sense that a child uses our clinic as it provides a one-stop-shop for all the healthcare needs unless they are life-threatening. The after-hours pediatric clinic is available up to 9 pm daily. Our patients do not need to use urgent care facilities because their primary care office is available for up to 4 hours after-hours daily.

The difference between our clinic and an urgent care facility is that we do not require our patients to “follow-up” with their primary care the next day because we are their primary care providers. This puts us at the forefront of the medical home model as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Conditions that we treat include

  • Ear Injury or Acute Onset Infection
  • Excessive Crying in infants
  • Asthma Exacerbation After Exertion
  • Acute Vomiting or Diarrhea
  • Suturing lacerations and dressing wounds
  • Sports Medicine Evaluations as soon as immediately after occurrence
  • Croup
  • Sickle Cell Disease Care outside the emergency room
  • Other sudden onset symptoms



Acute Pediatric Care

Acute illness can happen at any time in a child’s life: at school lunchtime, on the bus home or even at 7 pm while riding her bike. At Omega Pediatrics we are available up to 9 pm on most days to help everyone get a good night’s rest and have less to sleep on.


Preventive Pediatric Care

Our providers ensure that our patients get the best and most up-to-date preventive care from experienced pediatricians including weight monitoring, immunizations, developmental assessment and screening. All our interventions are evidence-based.

Obesity Treatment

Our providers are board certified in both Pediatrics and in Obesity Medicine and are a top choice to help children get back to health weights. Our pediatric weight management plans are very effective and sustainable.


Lactation Services

We provide breastfeeding support and success services to expecting families and newborn infants. This period is usually the most stressful for families and the health questions and sometimes problems in this period make it important for us to be accessible and sensitive to the needs of the family. We ensure a smooth transition of mothers from expecting to taking care of their baby.


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