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Omega Pediatrics is a family-focused practice that provides exceptional care in a warm, friendly environment. We serve families in Alpharetta, Milton, Roswell, Cumming, Johns Creek, Canton, Woodstock, Sandy Springs, and Atlanta. We continually focus on process improvement and leverage new technologies to enhance our patients’ clinical experience.


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Over the years we have become one of the highest rated pediatric practices in Roswell, Alpharetta, and the North Fulton area. We listen to our patients and continue to improve our offerings to meet their needs. Our pediatricians and caring staff strive to make accommodations for families so they can get optimal care with the least stress.


What Parents Are Saying About Us

With Omega Pediatrics, your family's health is always a priority

Urgent/After-Hours Pediatric Care_Roswell

Urgent/After-Hours Pediatric Care

Because your children’s medical needs don't always come at convenient times, we offer a variety of after-hours services.

Direct Doctor-to-Parent Communication_Milton

Direct Doctor-to-Parent Communication

Rest easy knowing you have nonstop online/phone access to expert advice from certified practitioners.

State-of-the-art Pediatric Technology_Alpharetta

State-of-the-art Pediatric Technology

We invest in the latest medical devices and systems to provide your child premium quality health care.

All Insurance Plans Accepted_Roswell

All Insurance Plans Accepted

We’ll discuss your financial options, regardless of your medical coverage and our coordinators are ready to assist with your claims.

We are open up to 9 pm weekdays. That is because we know that children could develop symptoms at any time especially in the afternoon and early evening.

We know they play sports and could get injured during such activities. Also, the injuries seldom come to parents' attention until much later. Children are also known to forget to inform their parents about school forms or required shots until it is almost too late.

These are some of the reasons why we are open up to 9 pm. This ensures that parents do not have to take time off from work to bring their loved ones into the clinic for a routine check-up or even for a sick visit. You can just come in after work.

We help the entire family save time by being accessible at a more convenient time and with minimal disruption of work and school. Even your vacations are safe with us because you never have to use it for a doctor's visit for your children.


Many clinics still use paper charts due to various constraints. Electronic health records have become a very expensive addition to practices and the most efficient ones have a price point that is beyond what a thriving practice can afford.

Fortunately at Omega Pediatrics, we have incorporated modern technologies into all aspects of the patient experience. We have a team of providers and staff that are almost digital natives. We also have an online appointment scheduling system, which saves our patients time and energy.


Our approach to pediatric practice is somewhat old school. We do believe in the small-town feel everyone desires when it comes to caring for their loved ones. At Omega Pediatrics, you can almost always speak directly to our providers. Our communication channels are open and families are not left in limbo when it comes to wanting the best advice for their child’s health.

We have several communication channels including text messaging, Facebook chat, video chat, WhatsApp messaging, and the good old telephone calls. We also have an instant web chat tool on our web pages. With this tool, families are able to chat with us from wherever they are.


We accept all insurance plans as well as cash or credit card payments from families that do not have any insurance or those who choose to pay out of their pocket. At the moment, we are working on some more dynamic tools to help parents take care of their children’s primary care if they do not have insurance or Medicaid.


We believe that when families know more, they can do more to help improve the health of their children. That is why we provide relevant healthcare information for our patients. We regularly update our informative pediatrician blog with the latest in news and information, as well as important health topics.

Some topics that may be of your interest include strep throat infections, immunizations, influenza, and children’s behavior. We also talk about lactation and breastfeeding, professional pediatric careers, and other new topics involving medicine as a whole, or specifically pediatrics.



Omega Pediatrics believes in accessibility and love for our families. We have provided an instant web chat tool on our most frequented web pages. With this tool, families are able to chat with their pediatric office while in Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Duluth, or Cumming. They could actually chat with us from anywhere in the world where they have high-speed internet.

We figured that technology companies use website chat all the time, so why not use it for healthcare too? So we implemented the web chat and families love it.

Another group of parents that we cater to are parents searching for pediatric urgent care, pediatric after-hours care, or pediatric after-hours clinic. We operate after hours but we are not limited to minor illnesses nor are we here just to take care of urgent care needs that happen after hours. We take care of the children’s healthcare in a way that prevents an extra visit the next day.

As has been our experience, we notice that many parents are not fully satisfied with the care they get at many retail urgent care centers because the providers barely know the children, do not take time to listen to the parent, and are sometimes under a lot of pressure to see many ill children.

Our pediatric clinics in Roswell and Alpharetta are an easy way to avoid the emergency room altogether. If you come to Omega Pediatrics with an acute problem before 9 pm, we are able to take care of that problem provided it is not an emergency. We do not provide emergency care.

Your family is our family

We care for your little ones as if they were our own

Omega Pediatrics’ priority is to make your time at our clinic a fulfilling, positive experience. From well-child visits to immunizations & sports physicals, our compassionate pediatricians ensure your children receive the high level of care they deserve.

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