Georgia Mumps Outbreak June 2017


Mumps outbreak in Georgia

Blast Communication: Atlanta, GA (June 28, 2017)

Per the Georgia Department of Public Health Epidemiology Section, as of June 15, 2017, a total of 55 cases of mumps (11 confirmed, 17 probable, and 27 suspect) have been reported to the Georgia Department of Public Health—the highest number reported in the past 10 years*. Most mumps cases were in 15-24-year-olds (32.7%) and 5-14-year-olds (23.6%). Of the 36 cases with vaccination status reported 2 (5.5%) were unvaccinated, 5 (13.9%) had 1 dose of MMR, and 29 (80.6%) had 2 doses of MMR. Race and ethnicity were reported for 55 (100%) of the cases.  Thirty-one (56.4%) of the cases were White, non-Hispanic; 9 (16.4%)were African American, non-Hispanic; 9 (16.4%) were Hispanic, and 6 (10.9%) reported race as Other. Twenty-five (45.5%) of the cases were female and 30 (54.5%) were male.  (*A total of 17 cases were reported in 2016)
Most of our recent, confirmed cases have been in the 5-14-year-old age group, with no known exposure to college-aged students or international/domestic travelers.
Of the 55 cases reported, 10 (18.2%) were in college students – 8 were associated with a mumps outbreak at a university in South Georgia; 1 attended a different university in East Georgia, and 1 attended a metro-Atlanta university. 
Action Items for Pediatricians
  • Ensure patients are up-to-date on their Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) Vaccination.

  • Consider mumps in persons with acute parotitis or other salivary gland swelling, or orchitis or oophoritis, unexplained by another more likely diagnosis, regardless of vaccination history.
  • Report suspect cases to public health (Click here for more information). 
  • Isolate person(s) with suspect and confirmed cases. 
  • Obtain appropriate clinical specimens (serum for mumps IgM/IgG AND two buccal swabs and a urine specimen)
Harry Keyserling, MD, FAAP
Chair, Infectious Disease Committee
Georgia Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

For questions or concerns regarding this blast communication or any other immunization information, please contact the Chapter’s Immunization Coordinator, Noreen Dahill at (404) 881-5094 or [email protected]