Omega Pediatrics is a leading pediatric primary care practice in Roswell-Alpharetta Georgia. We provide the most accessible care with hours of service up to 9 pm on weekdays as well as telemedicine access for the convenience of busy families. Below is a synopsis of what Caresource is offering for families and especially children in Georgia.

CareSource Comes To Georgia

The major and recent topic that has been heavily publicized ever since the Medicaid Fair in November 2016, was the introduction of the new CMO company for Georgia. This new CMO is a non-profit company called CareSource that will be available for PeachCare for Kids, Medicaid and Planing for Heathy Babies programs, in Georgia. CareSource has been active in states such as Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky for more than 20 years. Since February 2017, open enrollment has begun for all patients who are enrolled in a CMO and will have the opportunity to change to Caresource. Members wishing to change must contact Georgia Families (888-423-6765 or

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Focus On Children and Women

Since CareSource is a non-profit organization, their main goal is to keep members healthy. The partnership under Georgia Families, by the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) and CareSource, is organized to provide health care services for Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids eligible members who are uninsured and belonging to lower income families. The focus of the program is in particular towards children, the elderly, pregnant women, blind, disabled, and Georgia residents who can’t afford medical care. The addition of Planning for Healthy Babies (P4HB) offers improved benefits for qualified women who are in need of family-planning services.

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Great Healthcare Benefits and more

Members of care source receive the same basic services for their medical needs as in other programs, as well as the following additional benefits: 24/7 nurse advice line, job support services, GED assistance program, transportation benefits, a large network of providers and clinics, vision and dental care (preventative as well as treatment), care coordination, special programs for pregnant women and children, online tools for education and goal tracking (MyHealth), a rewards program to encourage healthy habits, fitness, a mobile application, medication management and express banking.

However, there are services that are not covered by CareSource, such as abortions (except in some cases), acupuncture, non-medically necessary services, experimental services and procedures, infertility treatment, services abroad, alternative medicine, plastic or cosmetic interventions that are not medically necessary and voluntary sterilization.
The list of medical providers as well of PCPs under the CareSource network is available online on their website

Omega Pediatrics ensures that your access to your primary care provider is seamless, unhindered and sensitive to the needs of the family. Our doctor is one phone call away and that in itself is priceless. We also have some tools that help keep messages flowing between the doctor and the family such as patient portal and JamboDoc.


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Healthcare Referrals With CareSource

One of the great added benefits with CareSource is that members do not need referrals from their PCP to see a specialist within the CareSource network of providers. However, in some cases, a specialist may require a prior authorization, in which case this provider will direct the request to CareSource and once the request is approved, the specialist will provide the member with an appointment. For any services that are not detailed on the CareSource website or which are listed as “coming soon”, the member needs to call the toll-free number and confirm if the service is covert.

Most members covered by Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids are required to make copayments. Depending on the service the copayments are either fixed or as a percentage of the cost of the service. For families where a member is also covered by additional insurance plans, Member Services will help plan members to coordinate pay claims as well as benefits.


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Personalized Healthcare With Amerigroup

To qualify for P4HB and receive contraceptive services, pelvic exams, pregnancy testing, screening for cervical and breast cancer, screening for high blood pressure as well as anemia and diabetes, screening for STDs, basic fertility services and additional health education, as part of the Family Planning or Interpregnancy care programs, members are required to be a US citizen, be a woman between 18 and 44 years of age, a Georgia resident, not eligible for other Medicaid programs and have a family gross income within 200% of the federal poverty level.

Omega Pediatrics remains the only clinic in the Greater Atlanta Metro that is open routinely for primary care up to 9 pm on all week days. We also are providing telemedicine facilities to blend into the DNA and culture of the City.

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 Additional CareSource Benefits

There are many additional benefits covered by CareSource with specific levels of service for family planning and maternity. These are meant to ensure that mothers and future mothers are at their healthiest prior to pregnancies, during pregnancy and following the birth of a child. Members do not need prior approval from CareSource and these providers are not required to be within the network.

Additional benefits include dental and vision care as well as the rewards for wellness program. A transportation service provides rides to and from healthcare appointments for Georgia Medicaid plan members. Complete up-to-date information, as well as plan member documents, are available on the care source website at or by calling their toll-free line.



Omega Pediatrics Difference: At Omega Pediatrics in Roswell we understand the challenges that parents face when their children develop symptoms late in the day or after hours. Many pediatric offices rarely see patients after 4 pm however we are open every weekday up to 9 pm for both appointments and walk-ins. We also have telemedicine via evisits for our known patients. Our clinic is one of the easily accessible pediatric primary care clinics in Roswell and Alpharetta. We provide pediatric primary care to families in the North Fulton area and beyond, serving families that live in Milton, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Duluth, Cumming, Woodstock-Canton and beyond.

Immunizations and checkups after-hours: One advantage of switching to Omega Pediatrics for your child’s primary care is that you can bring your child in for immunization or annual checkup after regular business hours. We provide this service because we have passion for what we do and we want to be a comfortable and convenient service, not the ordinary pediatric doctor’s office.