Preventive Pediatric Care


Preventive Pediatric Care

Our primary care services provide patients with a comprehensive health care plan.

Our primary care services cover the entire spectrum of healthcare and provides a comprehensive plan for our patients. We provide families with appropriate education and counseling to promote health and prevent disease.

Our practice and providers ensure the highest level of care for common and uncommon clinical conditions. We utilize the best and most up-to-date technology to ensure optimal outcome. We also ensure coordination of care in the community with specialists and other primary care clinics.

We seek to facilitate activities that will move each and every child closer to the health goals of the Children’s Health Charter

  • Our clinic would seek to promote desired social, developmental and health outcomes of infants, school-aged children and adolescents.
  • Foster partnerships between families, healthcare professionals and every member of the the team at Omega Pediatrics and the community.
  • Increase family knowledge, skills and participation in health promoting and preventive activities.
  • Address the needs of children and youth with special healthcare needs through screening, enhanced identification and services.
  • Enhance healthcare professionals’ knowledge, skills, and practice of developmentally appropriate healthcare in the context of family and community.

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Families matter and prevention works.

There is indeed a correlation between parental and child health and family centered approach to care of the child’s health. That is why here at Omega Pediatrics we ensure that we provide our families and especially their loved ones a medical home.

A medical home is not a building, house of hospital. It is a family-centered partnership and approach to providing high quality, cost-effective healthcare as we provide here at Omega Pediatrics.

  1. Accessibility is our watch word. We do everything we can to provide access no matter how inconvenient it may be and irrespective of the precedents upon which we do our work.
  2. Continuous care. We are not pleased to see patients move from one provider group to another without adequate continuity. Thus we ensure that there are multiple points of access for our patients and families. By providing more than 20 hours of care after hours, it helps ensure that the families have access. We also provide telemedicine services which further enhance the patient experience by providing a technology-aided channel for access to services and care especially for non-life threatening issues.
  3. Comprehensive care. We make sure our patients get all the healthcare services they need when they come to us. It is just common sense. Screenings, immunizations, sick child treatments and nutritional guidance for the whole family. Breastfeeding support is also a big part of what we do. That makes Omega Pediatrics the place to engage healthcare and know that you are getting the best.
  4. Compassionate . Healthcare should be compassionate and that is why many physicians went to train as doctors, to be able to help the infirm in a compassionate manner. With the economic landscape and realities today, it seems more and more challenging for organizations to keep to these principles. At Omega Pediatrics, we are a Physician led organization and we approach healthcare in a holistic manner, ensuring that the original vision of care in a compassionate way is never ever lost. That is why every access to Omega Pediatrics and every encounter is laced with compassionate care, which we call LOVE.
  5. Cultural effectiveness. Omega Pediatrics has launched into the multicultural and uniquely diverse northern cities of Greater Atlanta. We understand what it takes to provide care in such a varied community because many of us have been there. Some of our providers have worked in more than 4 countries and is different parts of the United States as well as parts of Georgia. We know diversity and culture.


  1. Resources:
  • Bright Futures: Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children and Adolescents
  • 3rd Edcare includes:
  • Interval history
  • Measurements (including blood pressure, weight, height and body mass index)
  • Vision and hearing screening test
  • Developmental assessments
  • Physical examinations
  • Oral health
  • Anticipatory guidance
  • Flu Shots
  • Newborn Screening for metabolic and other inherited diseases
  • Lead screening, hemoglobin screening, tuberculosis testing and Cervical dysplasia testing
  • Oral health and fluoride varnish application
  • Dyslipidemia screening

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