A Historical View of Duluth Georgia

Omega Pediatrics is a leading pediatric primary care practice in the Greater Atlanta area of Georgia. We provide the most accessible care with hours of service up to 9 pm on weekdays as well as telemedicine access for the convenience of busy families. If you are new to the area, we have put together some historical facts about Duluth Georgia.


Located 25 miles northeast of Atlanta, Duluth is a city located in western Gwinnett County. As a prime city in the affluent county of Gwinnett, Duluth can boast its reputation of being a hotbed of business. The city is also home to a local government that prides itself on providing excellent quality of life for Duluth’s residents. Much of the city’s funding goes toward promoting local businesses and offering opportunities and incentives to draw companies into Duluth. Following the Duluth’s commercial goals is its focus on its citizens; despite living in a small town, many residents are able to enjoy many large city amenities.

The History of Duluth’s Origin

Like much of the rest of Georgia, the area that is now Duluth was Cherokee territory until the early 1800’s. In 1818, the General Assembly of Georgia created Gwinnett County and opened it for settlers. Evan Howell settled the area in 1821 along the Chattahoochee River. 50 years later, the economy of Duluth was bolstered with the introduction of the railroad to Duluth. With the completion of the railroad in 1873, the town was named Duluth in honor of Daniel Grayson Du Luth, a French captain and explorer. The residents and leaders of Duluth have not forgotten the influence of the railroad on Duluth’s economy, and the seal of Duluth features a steam engine. The City of Duluth became incorporated in 1906.


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Duluth has become a staple of Georgia due to the efforts of the city’s city planners and leaders. The city boasts its economic and commercial success as a result of well-planned leadership development, economic efforts and business advocacy. The city houses a mixture of small businesses, large corporations and national and international corporations. Over 1,750 businesses are located in the city’s 9.8 square-mile boundaries.

Prominent Figures in Healthcare from Duluth’s Rich History

Over its history, Duluth has seen many prominent figures rise up and shape it into the community it is today.


Alice Harrell Strickland (1861-1947)


Elected in 1921 at the age of 62, Alice Harrell Strickland served as the Mayor of Duluth, and Georgia’s first female Mayor. Strickland was an active participant in Duluth’s civic affairs and was a passionate conservationist before her tenure as Mayor. Several of her contributions to the city include donating an acre of land in the name of preservation and recreation in Duluth and opening up part of her home as a clinic for children suffering from whooping cough, diphtheria and tonsillitis. After she was elected, she followed through on her campaign promise to remove and prosecute bootleggers and improve Duluth’s reputation; the city was an area known for drunken brawls and knife fights in the 1880’s. In 2002, she was recognized as a Georgia Woman of Achievement, and her home is on the Georgia Register of Historical Places.


Joan Glancy Memorial Hospital

 Picture Glance memorial Hospital

Joan Glancy Memorial Hospital was Duluth and Gwinnett County’s first hospital. Richard Hull, a manager of Irvingdale Farms Dairy, saw the need for a health clinic after hearing about the death of Olin Burnette, a child of one of his workers. Duluth’s residents first constructed the hospital in 1941 from a three-frame cottage. The clinic contained equal facilities for the black and white residents of Duluth and Gwinnett. Hull’s project obtained the attention of his father-in-law, General A.R. Glancy, who lost his daughter Joan to pneumonia. General Glancy sent $500 to aid in the hospital’s construction and sent $250 every year after. The hospital was named after Joan Glancy for General Glancy generosity. The dedication of Joan Glancy Hospital occurred in July 1944.

A City of History

The City walks and talks History with a modern touch. If you decide to live in Duluth, the rural feel is just a block or two away while you are still within the city and that in itself is gold. If you like history, you will love Duluth.




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