Sick Visits

Acute Pediatric Care Our primary care services provide patients with a comprehensive health care plan. Our primary care services cover the entire spectrum of healthcare and provides a comprehensive plan for our patients. We provide families with appropriate education and counselling to promote health and prevent disease. Read Yuliya A.’s review of Omega Pediatrics on Yelp Our practice and providers ensure the highest level of care for common and uncommon clinical conditions. We utilize the best and most up-to-date technology to ensure optimal outcome. We also ensure coordination of care in the community with specialists and other primary care clinics. At Omega Pediatrics, we perform & treat the following: Common Ear Infection – (Also called Otitis media) in children that usually presents with ear pain, fever, excessive crying or a variation of those. Diaper Dermatitis – Diaper rash seen mainly in the very young infants under 9 months and often treated with creams and occasionally may require antibiotics. Asthma – Asthma is an illness of the lungs that is as a result of the linings of the lungs responding excessively to things in the environment or air. It commonly presents as wheezing or cough. Eczema – Skin breakouts and inflammation that results from irritants and allergens. Impetigo – A superficial, fast spreading, and highly contagious skin infection. Strep Throat – Severe throat infection caused by Streptococcus bacteria. It is also contagious. Scabies – Contagious often extremely itchy rash caused by the itch mite. Urinary Tract Infection – An infection of the urinary tract, more common in toddlers and young teenage girls. Abscesses – Incision and drainage Mononucleosis – Screening and management ADHD – Evaluation and management Example Treatments Simple Suturing (Stitches) Intravenous Rehydration Sports Medicine – Concussion, sprains, etc. Sickle Cell Disease Primary Care – (In collaboration with patient’s sickle cell physician/specialist) Circumcision Omega Pediatrics provides very personalized acute pediatric care. Our patients love coming to us because we know our patients well and we are here for them when they need us. After-hours pediatric care done in this way in a normal pediatric office makes all the difference. Acute care in our setting at Omega Pediatrics in Roswell, GA is the best in the continuity of care since we provide a seamless chain of preventive care, acute care, urgent care, walk-in care, evisit care and app-based care with laboratory care to boot! Children are generally nervous whenever they need to go to the doctor’s office for various reasons including unfamiliarity with staff, workers who are not well-versed in the art of interacting with children in a healthcare setting or the fear of ‘shots’. Irrespective of the reason, nothing would be more reassuring for a child with an acute illness than to see a familiar face at the doctor’s office or to be taken to that office she is so used to receiving routine care when she has an acute illness. Parents, however, rarely think that way. Every parent wants to provide care for their child as quickly and as close to home as possible. That, unfortunately, relegates the most important person in this incident to the back and considers the needs of the family first before that of the sick child. Professionalism: We are very professional at Omega Pediatrics in Roswell, GA. We understand that we are here primarily for the child and secondarily for the family. For that reason, we have created an environment that is both memorable for any child that walks in here and also reassuring to them. When they walk in they immediately know that Omega Pediatrics is a pediatrician’s office, built with children in mind. The Design: A walk through Omega Pediatrics at 1305 Hembree Road in Roswell will thrill any parent. The reception is a receptacle of fun waiting to happen. Most preschoolers are not prompted before they realize this is a place to play. Within seconds of entering the room, toddlers settle down on the toys while older kids start to explore the various murals on the walls. Count Pirates or explore a world map on the wall, the choice is yours. The refreshingly new carpet puts first-time patients at ease and the engaging chair colors makes us all start to have that familiar feeling of “I am in the right place for my child”. The Rooms: The time in this section is usually very short and, just enough to obtain a signature and then usher the family into the patient room. The life-size minions on the door usher you and your child into the brightly-lit hallway with more murals, more characters, and more colors. The rooms are themed, they even have names too. The examination tables are from top-of-the-line children’s design suppliers. Every room is fully equipped with the “scopes and sphygs”, and has enough space for the average toddler to do his 100-meter sprint. The entire clinic has been made kid-safe because we built this place for children. The Laboratory: We have an in-house laboratory at Omega Pediatrics in Roswell GA. There we can run many of the CLIA-waived tests in 5 minutes or less. The rapid strep, the rapid flu, and RSV tests as well as hemoglobins, urinalyses, cholesterol, and hemoglobin A1c for monitoring diabetes blood sugar control. We also draw a lot of the other tests and send them out to Quest Laboratories. This mini lab that we have incorporated into Omega Pediatrics keeps children content and relieves parents of the anxiety of taking their child to yet another facility to meet yet another person to draw blood from their child for a test. We do it in-house. The Staff: Our staff love working with children and are largely parents themselves. This adds to the empathy that we bring to the table. We do not just talk because we have a duty to. We communicate these things because we have lived and continue to live them every day. Children love to play and members of our staff are very playful with the kids and very friendly with the parents. It is no coincidence that siblings of a sick child usually do not want to leave after the visit because they have had so much fun playing with the staff at Omega Pediatrics. Accessibility: Many Pediatric offices in Roswell, Alpharetta, and neighboring cities have arrangements with urgent care centers to see their patients when they can not take them in or after hours when they are closed. For Omega Pediatrics, we have built our clinic from the ground up to ensure that we do not foster disjointed care across multiple providers and health systems for our families. We have ensured this by putting accessibility at the top of our agenda. You will always have access. Period! That is the Omega Promise. For acute care at our pediatric office in Roswell, GA, we are open up to 9 pm daily. For acute care beyond those hours, Omega Pediatrics has telemedicine which provides video-enabled communication between a provider and the family through the internet. That means families are never really on their own. The virtual waiting room is there to help and our patients can be seen at any time even at 2 am. When it is not completely convenient to jump on a video chat with your child’s doctor, parents are able to message us using a proprietary tool called JamboDoc. It is an HIPPA-Compliant app-based platform that enables secure messaging between the provider and the families via chat/text based communication. It is a subscription-based third-party software, but we know the kind of value it brings to families and that is why we have incorporated it into our practice. Omega Pediatrics operates out of Roswell and Alpharetta Georgia and our telephone lines are answered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, usually by clinic staff. With all these, we are providing that acute care access that every parent dreams of and every politician promises to deliver. We have crafted a real medical home not a disconnected system that creates more stress for families than the reason they decided to go to a provider. Omega Pediatrics knows primary care, knows pediatrics and knows