Alliant Health Plans

Omega Pediatrics is a leading pediatric primary care practice in Roswell-Alpharetta Georgia. We provide the most accessible care with hours of service up to 9 pm on weekdays as well as telemedicine access for the convenience of busy families. Omega Pediatrics is one of the pediatricians that accepts Alliant in Roswell Georgia. These are some of the benefits of Alliant Health Plans.

Alliant Health Plans

Alliant Health Plans is a leading nonprofit health insurance company in Georgia. Founded by community-based physicians and hospitals, the company is licensed by Provider Sponsored Health Care Corporation (PSHCC) based in Calhoun, Georgia. Alliant operates with a passion for providing an unparalleled level of health care coverage by continually designing, developing, and delivering effective and innovative plans and services. This includes creating a dynamic environment with medical facilities and professionals who are dedicated to delivering affordable health insurance solutions to citizens of the state of Georgia. Alliant offers local businesses opportunity of varied group health plans to meet the healthcare requirements of employees and their families. Some of the affordable health plans you will get from Alliant are as follows.


Individual Health Plan

Alliant provides the Individual Plan which is targeted towards individuals or self-employed persons who might want to enjoy the kinds of benefits provided by companies for their employees through group health plan. This plan focuses on individuals who are planning to protect themselves against risks in their lives through secured medical services that protect their future. Under this plan, the office copayments are unlimited as long as you visit your in-network primary care physician and doctors. If you are looking to enjoy all the benefits that this plan offers, you can visit the Alliant website for more information.


Employee Group Plans

Alliant’s approach to healthcare is to put doctors in charge of treatment decisions and patients ahead of profits, thereby meeting the original purpose of medication, which is healing. The company does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, religion, age, disability, or sex. So, the company offers quality and affordable group health plans to Georgia businesses and consumers. Based on your needs, size, and expectations, Alliant offers two options for Group Health Plans. There is the option for businesses with 1 to 50 employees and the option for big companies with 51 and above employees. So, the company works with you to select a plan that offers the optimal mix of competitive rates and the widest possible coverage. Hence, Alliant will help you to choose the most effective plan and help you to access over 250 insurance carriers that provide optimum rates, terms and the widest possible provider networks for your business. Group health plans available with Alliant are PPO, HMO, POS, HSA, and HRA.

Omega Pediatrics remains the only clinic in Georgia that is open routinely for primary care up to 9 pm on all weekdays. We also are providing telemedicine facilities to blend into the DNA and culture of Atlanta.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Under its Employee Group Plan, Alliant offers the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, which allows members to choose their desired specialist or hospital, be it in their extended network or out-of-network. The coverage provides access to over 1,000 doctors and thousands of additional providers. Alliant covers you at the out-of-network benefit level with any licensed provider in the U.S. However, you should be aware that choosing out-of-network care providers often attract higher copayment. More also, health seekers should know that PPO plans are different from Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans. Whereas the PPO gives you an opportunity to make a choice of the desired specialist, the HMO plan, on the other hand, requires that you choose all in-network healthcare providers.

Benefits for children and women

Alliant health plans help to provide Medicare solutions to thousands of families and their children in Georgia. The company has built a partnership with many health insurance providers targeting health benefits for children, the seniors, pregnant women, blind, and disabled persons, without any form of discrimination.
In 2015, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded a contract to Alliant GMCF, a division of Alliant Health Solutions, to provide health solutions for small businesses in Florida, Georgia, and some selected states. This contract further enables quality payment program and prompt service delivery by Alliant.




Omega Pediatrics Difference: At Omega Pediatrics in Roswell we understand the challenges that parents face when their children develop symptoms late in the day or after hours. Many pediatric offices rarely see patients after 4 pm however we are open every weekday up to 9 pm for both appointments and walk-ins. We also have telemedicine via evisits for our known patients. Our clinic is one of the easily accessible pediatric primary care clinics in Roswell and Alpharetta. We provide pediatric primary care to families in the North Fulton area and beyond, serving families that live in Milton, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Duluth, Cumming, Woodstock-Canton and beyond.

Immunizations and checkups after-hours: One advantage of switching to Omega Pediatrics for your child’s primary care is that you can bring your child in for immunization or annual checkup after regular business hours. We provide this service because we have a passion for what we do and we want to be a comfortable and convenient service, not the ordinary pediatric doctor’s office.



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