After Hours Pediatrics Clinic


green-acuteAfter-hours Pediatric Care


Our after-hours Pediatrics Clinic provides both acute and preventive care for families.

After-Hours pediatric primary care services cover the entire spectrum of healthcare and provides a comprehensive plan for our patients. We provide families with appropriate education and counselling to promote health and prevent disease. We are industry leaders in pediatric primary care after-hours.

Omega Pediatrics is open up to 9 pm weekdays, That provides optimal opportunities for families to come in for urgent care and immediate care at a clinic that provides preventive services as well. Our clinic is equipped to take care of the common problems that drive families to the emergency room and urgent care after 5 pm. These include symptoms that set in after the regular clinic hours are over. It may be a sore throat, an injury sustained at school or sports injury. These types of symptoms often get parents going to urgent care so that they will have peace of mind. Visiting urgent care centers for such care, unfortunately, provide another avenue for disjointed care, as these are often “third-party” clinics and do not provide care as a medical home for these children.

Our model ensures that we are here when you need us for after-hours needs and acute illness. We also provide routine care such as well-child checks and immunizations. The children do not need to have another visit after we have seen them after hours unlike what is routinely recommended at urgent care centers and emergency rooms.


  • Ear Injury or Acute Onset Infection – Children may develop symptoms of severe ear pain due to acute infection or injury to the ear. This can make any caring parent uneasy and make them head out to an urgent care center. We are here for such care.
  • Excessive Crying – Infants may sometimes begin to cry excessively and parents may rush to the emergency room or urgent care because they are worried. When we see such children we examine them and run some in-office tests. The cause is often uncovered and the right treatment is instituted.
  • Asthma Exacerbation After Exertion – Though asthma is a controllable illness, some new onset symptoms start after hours. This is scary for families as well as the child. Parents would rush off to the emergency room or urgent care clinic when they notice such symptoms. However, with our after-hours care, we are available up to 9 pm in the office to give nebulizer treatments and prescribe medications to control the illness.
  • Croup – A croupy cough or other symptoms can be very unnerving and parents end up in the emergency room when the symptoms do not abate after some hours of observation at home. Because we are open till late, parents are able to bring in their children once they notice such symptoms and we can initiate the appropriate treatment after evaluation.
  • Acute Vomiting –Sudden onset vomiting in a child could lead to dehydration and life-threatening electrolyte imbalance. It could also be one of the first symptoms of a metabolic disease or even infection. Coming to Omega Pediatrics after hours could save families an emergency room visit later at night or complications from delayed treatment. We provide the care in a primary care setting that the child is used to after hours.
  • Strep Throat – Severe throat infection caused by Streptococcus bacteria. It is also contagious and symptoms may start at a time that most clinics are closed. Omega Pediatrics after-hours availability provides access to care which may be one prescription away. This saves families endless hours in the emergency room.

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Example Treatments

  • Suturing lacerations and dressing wounds
  • Intravenous Rehydration of acutely dehydrated infants
  • Sports Medicine Evaluations as soon as immediately after occurrence
  • Sickle Cell Disease Care outside the emergency room
  • Routine Checks for children when parents can not take time off from work for care.