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Physician Assistants (PA), Registered Nurses (RN)

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Here are some recent reviews from our students

I have been at Omega Pediatrics for only a month, and can see that this pediatric practice is thriving.

PROS: The learning here is structured and detail-oriented, and I'm never afraid to ask questions about any certain topic or assignment. Whether you are an intern or an employee, paid or unpaid, they will set up what you will be doing, and how everything is going to work out before you start working on any project or assignment. Driving to any location to promote the business is optional, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to get real-world experience with sales.

CONS: Just remember to bring hand sanitizer when sick children are around.

Marketing Intern 2018

The pro for working here is working with a great and professional team. I have learned a lot in marketing over the course of my time being here. Dr. Nwaneri really helps out a lot of students with internships.

Marketing Intern

The staff at Omega Pediatric are professional. They treat everyone like family. Dr. Nwaneri is very attentive and eager to teach. This internship has improved my practice and leadership skills.

Current Intern 2018

Omega Pediatrics has a student-friendly atmosphere. The staff is terrific. Dr. Nwaneri is indeed a great physician and helped me as a student learn. This has been my best clinical internship so far.

Dorothy Phiri

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