About the Clinic

We take care of the whole family.

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That is Our Commitment to You


1305 Hembree Road, Suite 203
Roswell, GA 30076


Socially Sensitive

We foster a multicultural environment, welcoming to all and accepting of varied ways of approaching health and life. Children thrive the best in non-threatening environments. All our staff have been trained and continue to undergo updates on culturally sensitive patient care.In the clinic, no questions or requests can be too much. We do our best to make accommodations within reason.

Family-Oriented Approach

Family first is not an overstatement. Here we start with the family and end with the family. Our family oriented approach has yielded lots of positive feedback and thus we are dedicated to sustaining that culture. We encourage family visits and make extra accommodations to be able to get families seen together.Cultural Diversity

The clinic sees all races, and people from all backgrounds. We have a culturally diverse staff and continue to incorporate intercultural education in our staff training. Diversity is built into our DNA as an organization. We have determined that we will maintain that trajectory in order to give our patients the best environment to receive their care.


Medical science and technology continue to change everyday and our understanding of disease continues to unfold at a very rapid rate. In view of the realities of healthcare research and advances, our organization monitors new health information keenly, adopting peer-reviewed new science and ways of providing care as they become available and after rigorous testing by governing bodies. This ensures that our patients get the most up-to-date treatments and clear recommendations that are within standards of care.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column A young girl get measure in the hospital pediatrician